How to install projection hand rims on a wheelchair

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015 04:57PM EST

How to install Projection Hand Rims, STDS1022, on a wheelchair

  • For each hand rim verify that all parts are present.
  • Remove the original hand rim.  Drive’s projection hand rims will only work on 24” rear wheels that have 4 or 8 hand rim attaching points.
  • To attach the adapter bracket to the wheel rim, put one washer on one of the medium screws. Slide the screw and washer through one of the hand rim attaching holes in the wheel from the chair side.  Slide the short spacer onto the screw. Slide the adapter bracket onto the screw; use the hole that is not in the group of two holes close together.  Tighten by hand the nut onto the screw.  If there is not enough thread for the nut use the longer screw.  Repeat this for every other hand rim attaching holes if there are eight holes or every hole if there are four holes.
  • Slide one of the screws with Loctite on it through the hole at the end of the adapter bracket.  Slide one of the long spacers onto the screw.  Slide the spacer with the screw into the spacer receiver on the projection hand rim.
  • Tighten the screw by hand.  Repeat step 4 for the three other attaching brackets.  If the attaching brackets do not align with the projection hand rim try using the other hole in the attaching bracket.
  • Tighten all the screws.  Repeat for the hand rim on the other side.
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