How to install a motor on the Phoenix

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015 01:14PM EST

How to install a motor on a Phoenix scooter

1.      Remove the seat.

2.      Separate the front and rear sections.

3.      Remove the knob on top of the free wheel lever.

4.      Remove the Phillips screws holding the two rear shroud decorations onto the rear shroud.

5.      Remove the two Phillips screws that were concealed by the rear shroud decorations.

6.      Remove the two Phillips screws at the back end of the rear shroud.

7.      Remove the rear shroud.

8.      Remove the free wheel lever with a 8 mm wrench or socket and a Phillips screw driver.

9.      Find the motor/electromagnetic brake connection.

10.  Disconnect the motor/electromagnetic brake connection from the main wire harness.

11.  Remove the rear wheels using a 13 mm wrench of socket.

12.  Verify that the key way is in the slot in the wheel. When the wheel is installed the key way must be in the wheel.

13.  Put a 6 mm Allen wrench into the Allen socket head bolt. Use a 13 mm metric wrench or socket to remove the nut from the motor bracket.  Repeat for the three remaining bolts.  Lift the motor/gear box assembly from the frame.

14.   Install the new motor/gear box assembly by reversing steps 1 to 13.
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