How to assemble the Bobcat

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015 01:46PM EST

  • Carefully cut off the packing straps from the Bobcat box.

  • Open up the box and remove the charger, basket, seat post and the seat.

  • Have two people remove the Bobcat base from the box.

  • Remove the two armrests from the box.

  • Remove all protective wrapping from the Bobcat.  Verify that all parts are present.

  • The Bobcat is shipped with a protective plastic sheet between the battery box and the battery box contacts on the base of the Bobcat. Unlock the battery box.

  • Remove the battery box by lifting straight up.

  • Remove the protective plastic sheet.  Put the battery box back into the Bobcat base and lock in place.

  • Slide the adjustable seat post into the seat post receiver on the base of the Bobcat.

  • Select a height and install the grenade pin through the base and the adjustable seat post.

  • Install the seat post knob into the seat post receiver and tighten.  If the seat height has to be adjusted, loosening the seat post knob and removing the grenade pin can do it.  The adjustable seat post then can be moved up or down as needed.  Install the grenade pin and tighten the seat post knob.

  • Remove the locking knob off the seat plate seat post receiver and slide the seat unto the seat post.

  • Install the locking knob back onto the seat plate.

  • Loosen the armrest-locking knob and slide the armrest into the seat plate.

  • Set the armrest to the desired location and tighten the armrest-locking knob.  Repeat for the other side.

  • Slide the basket over the basket mounting brackets on the front of the tiller.

  • By loosening the tiller-locking knob, the angle of the tiller can be changed.  Set the desired angle and tighten the tiller-locking knob.

  • The Bobcat is shipped with the tiller locked in the straightforward position.  To unlock the tiller lift up on the tiller locking lever.  The tiller should be locked when lifting up the base or the front section of the Bobcat.

  • The Bobcat should be charged before the first use.  Make sure the Bobcat is turned off before charging.

  • Plug the charger into any working 120-volt outlet.  The light on the charger will be yellow when it is plugged into the outlet.

  • Plug the charger into the battery pack.  The light on the charger will turn red and as the batteries charge the light will turn green when the batteries are fully charge.  The battery pack can be charged either on or off the Bobcat.

  • To operate the Bobcat the brake release must be in the drive position so the Bobcat cannot be manually pushed.

  • Turn the key to the on position.

  • Set the speed control to a comfortable position.

  • Push the forward side of the throttle lever towards the handle bar to go forward.  Push the reverse side of the throttle lever towards the handle bar to go in reverse.  The reverse speed is slower then the forward speed.

  • The Bobcat can be broken down into four pieces.  Remove the seat.  Reach under the base and remove the grenade pin the locks the front and rear sections together.  The grenade pin is attached to the base so it cannot be lost.

  • Verify the tiller is locked in place, see step 18.  Lift up on the battery box while hold on to the front section of the base. This will separate the front and rear sections.  Unlock and remove the battery box.  To reconnect the front and rear section, reverse the above steps.  The two yellow marks on the front section and the two yellow marks on the rear section must be aligned to reconnect both sections.

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