How To Test a Low Air Loss Mattress

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015 10:31AM EST

Troubleshooting an AP Mattress


1.     Connect the pump to the mattress and turn the pump on to inflate.  Turn the pump on and set the pump to the static mode.

2.     Open the cover to expose the supply hoses.

3.     Verify that the CPR valve is closed.

4.     Starting from the foot end of the mattress, pinch off the supply hose after the first bladder.  If the bladder does not inflate fully, it has a leak.  If the bladder inflates fully proceed to the next bladder.  The top and middle hoses deliver air to every other cell.  The bottom hose delivers air to the bottom support pad. 

5.     Continue along the supply hoses, verifying that all the previous alternating bladders have inflated uniformly.

6.     If there is no change in the inflation of the bladder, or if they begin to deflate, the leak can be found in either the previous bladder or the supply tube going to it.  A clamp or a pair of vice grips may be needed to pinch off the hoses.


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