How to install head and foot boards on a long term care bed

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2018 03:47PM EDT

How To Install 15000HF On The Long Term Care Bed


1. Verify that all parts are present.  The head and footboard mounting brackets come with the spring deck.

2. Plug the spring deck into an outlet and raise the height of the bed.

3. Remove the hex head bolts from the two headboard brackets.

4. Slide the two headboard brackets into the slots in the frame at the head of the bed.

5. Install the two hex head bolts back into the two headboard brackets.

6. Tighten both bolts.

7. Remove the four carriage bolts, washers and nuts from the headboard brackets.

8. Locate the four predrilled holes in the headboard.  They are covered by the wood grain laminate.

9. Install the four carriage bolts into the holes in the headboard.

10. Slide the ends of the four bolts through the two headboard brackets.

11. Install one washer and one nut on each of the carriage bolts.

12. Tighten one of the nuts to draw the carriage bolt into the headboard.

13. If the carriage bolt does not draw into the headboard and starts to spin, lightly grasp the head of the carriage bolt with a pair of pliers and continue to tighten the nut.

14. Tighten the remaining nuts.

15. Remove the carriage bolts from the two footboard mounting brackets.

16. The shorter carriage bolts are used to mount the foot board brackets to the frame.

17. Using two of the short carriage bolts to attach one of the footboard brackets to the foot section of the spring deck.

18. Install one washer and one nut on each of the carriage bolts.

19. Tighten both nuts.

20.  Repeat steps 8 through 14 for the footboard.


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