Gladiator Flash Codes

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015 01:29PM EST

When the Gladiator controller senses a fault, first there will be two short beeps to indicate that an error has occurred.
Then the Gladiator will beep one to six times to indicate the error.

  Flash Code      
  Possible Reasons and Solutions
1,1    Controller Fault   
 Check the controller wiring and connection.
 Replace the controller.

2,3 Throttle Fault
 Throttle was engaged when unit was turned on.
 Turn unit off  for 5 seconds and turn on without engaging the throttle.

2,4 Speed Pot Fault
 Check the speed pot connections and wiring.
 Test the speed pot.
 Replace the speed pot if defective.

3,2 Brake Fault
 The brake is not engaged.
 Engage the brake.
 Check the brake wiring and connections.
 Test the brake.
 Replace the brake if defective.

3,3 Throttle Fault
 Check the throttle connections and wiring.     
 Test the throttle.
 Replace the throttle if  defective.

4,1 Low Voltage
 Check the battery cables and connections.
 Charge the batteries

4,2 High Voltage Fault
 Batteries are overcharged.
 If driving downhill slow down and turn lights on, if so equipped.
 Test the charge to ensure that it cuts off when batteries are fully charged.

4,3 Thermal Fault
 The motor current has been at the maximum value too long.        
 The motor may not be strong enough for the terrain (terrain to steep).
 The wheels may be rubbing on the frame.
 The motor may be faulty.
 Test the motor.
 Check the motor brushes.
 The controller overheats.
 Turn the unit off and let controller cool down.

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