How to assemble the Phoenix

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015 01:13PM EST

Phoenix Assembly

  • Open top of the box using caution to avoid all metal staples.

  • Remove top packing Styrofoam and seat assembly.

  • Have two people lift the scooter out of the box.

  • Verify that all parts are present.

  • Loosen the tiller adjustment knob and move the tiller to an upright position.

  • Tighten the tiller adjustment knob to lock the tiller in place.

  • Remove the battery box from the scooter.

  • Locate the plastic packing sheet in the bottom of the battery well.

  • Removed the plastic sheeting and discard.

  • Place the battery box back into the battery well.  Verify that the arrow on top of the battery box is pointing to the front of the scooter.

  • Locate the seat plate protection cap on the bottom of the seat assembly.

  • Remove the protection cap and discard.

  • Install the seat assembly onto the scooter by sliding the seat plate into the seat tube.

  • Lift up on the seat swivel lever and turn the seat to properly set the seat on the seat post.

  • Install the basket by aligning the cut outs in the rear of the basket with the basket mounting bracket on the tiller.

  • Push the basket down until it is set into basket mounting bracket.

  • Adjust the seat height by loosening the seat tensioning knob.  Remove the seat pin from the seat post.  Adjust the seat post up or down as needed. Reinstall the seat pin and tighten the seat tensioning knob.

  • Adjust the tiller angle by loosening the tiller adjustment knob.  Set the tiller to the desired position and tighten the tiller adjustment knob.

  • Before the scooter’s first use, it should be charged.  Verify that the key of the scooter is in the off position.

  • Slide the charge port cap down.

  • Remove the sticker to expose the charger port.

  • Plug the AC end of the charger into a wall outlet.  The light on the charger will be green.

  • Plug the DC end of the charger into the charger port on the tiller. The light on the charger will be red and when the batteries are fully charged the light will be green again. Disconnect the charger from the chair and the wall outlet.

  • The batteries can be directly charge through the battery box. There is a charger port in the rear of the battery box which can be accessed by removing the battery box from the scooter. Follow step 22 and then plug the DC end of the charger into the battery box.  When returning the battery box the scooter verify that the arrow on the battery box is pointing towards the front of the scooter.

  • The scooter is now ready to use.  Verify that the free wheel lever is in

  • Set the speed dial between the rabbit and the turtle.  The speed can be adjusted as needed.  Turn the key to the on position.  The battery indicator lights will come on and show the state of charge of the battery. When the battery indicatory goes into the yellow it is time to charge the battery.  Do not let the battery indicator go into the red, if it does the life of the battery will be shorten. To go forward pull the right side of the throttle towards the handle bar.  To go in reverse pull the left side of the throttle lever towards the handle bar.

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