How to install a trapeze on a long term care bed

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2018 03:45PM EDT

How To Install A Trapeze On A Long Term Care Bed

Note: Will not work on a LTC low


1. A 15623 Trapeze Adapter kit is needed to install a trapeze on any Drive long term care bed.  Verify that all the parts are in the box.  The box should contain one adapter frame, one right bracket, one left bracket and one hardware package.  The hardware package consists of four long bolts with nuts and four short bolts with nuts.

2. Verify that all the parts are in the 15624-trapeze box.  The box should contain one main frame, one upper bracket, one lower bracket, one S hook, one chain, one chain bracket and one triangle.

3. Raise the head of the bed to the full up position.  Install the left and right bracket from the 15623-trapeze adapter kit on the rear of the head section of the long term care bed.  Use the two of the short bolts from the hardware package on each of the brackets.  The bottom of the bracket mounts under the frame of the bed.

4. Install the lower bracket from the 15624-trapeze adapter kit in the center of the lower main frame of the head section.  Have the clamps facing up.

6. Install the upper bracket from the 15624-trapeze adapter kit with the clamp facing down on the adapter frame.  Place the upper bracket in the center of the adapter frame. Make sure the bend in the frame is facing as shown below.

7. Install the adapter frame with the upper bracket from the 15624-trapeze adapter kit into the two mounting bracket that were previously installed on the bed.  Use two of the long bolts to secure each side of the adapter frame.

8.  Loosen the main trapeze frame brackets on the upper and lower brackets previously installed.  If the main trapeze frame does not line up with the bottom bracket loosen the upper bracket and slide to the left or right until the main trapeze frame will slide into both brackets.  Tighten all the brackets.


9. Remove the wing nut from the chain bracket and separate into four parts.

10. Hang part #2 from the chain bracket over the upper arm of the trapeze frame.

11. Insert the carriage bolt through part #1 of chain bracket, S hook and part #2 of chain bracket.

12. Put wing nut on the carriage bolt, slide the chain bracket to desired position and tighten the wing nut.  Install chain on S hook.

13. Attach triangle to the chain.

14. The trapeze is now ready to use.


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