How to install a leg on a head or foot board of a bariatric bed

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015 09:58AM EST

Installation Of A Leg On A Bariatric Bed

Remove all the screws on the bed board panel retaining frame.  Remove the panel retaining frame.

Remove all the screws on one of the bed panels and remove the panel.  Repeat for the other panel.

Locate the cable pulley by the leg that has to be replaced.  Push out the retaining pin from the round side.

Repeat this procedure for the cable pulley by the worm gear.

Remove the cable retaining bolt and nut.

Remove the cable from the worm gear.

Slide the leg out through the top of the end board frame by inserting a screw driver through the cable slot and pushing upward.

Slide the leg part way out of the top of the end board frame.

Push the cable retaining pin out.

Remove the spring loaded leg glide and pull out the cable.

Pull the leg out of the end board frame.  Install the new leg in the reverse order.  The cable and the spring loaded glide have to be separated from the new leg before installation.

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